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"Self-esteem is the best prevention I know of and it might be our only hope for a better world."

Robert Reasoner


Teachers today are struggling to accommodate the diverse backgrounds and needs of students. They are finding it difficult to motivate students to higher levels of achievement and are increasingly concerned about the level of conflict and violence displayed in the school setting.


Whether you have been a teacher for many years or you are just starting your teaching career, you probably aim that your students will develop more positive, trusting and enriching classroom relationships, increase motivation, develop their potentials and be successful in school.


But this is not always easy to achieve. So, what can a teacher do?


To facilitate the teaching process the BASE program provides assessment instruments, didactical materials, knowledge & support, with proven results. The purpose of the program is to enable educators to establish a school environment that increases motivation, creativity, cooperation and overall achievement.


BASE will help you to:

  • support students' healthy personal development
  • establish rules & build respectful behaviour
  • set boundaries & support healthy communication
  • improve relationships among teachers and students
  • motivate students for cooperation
  • establish discipline & cooperation
  • deal with difficult students & reduce violence among peers
  • support children at-risk
  • limit the number of students considered to be a-risk
  • create a supportive learning environment
  • build teacher's strenght & self-esteem
  • stimulate parents' involvement


More Benefits


The BASE model has served as a guide and resource for many successful schools. It provides a practical & flexible set of materials with ideas and activities that will make it easy for any classroom teacher to implement. We hope that it will serve as a valuable resource for those interested in activities to build intrinsic motivation & self-esteem in our young people.




BASE will inspire you and your students to succeed!



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