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“I believe that the BASE program is the best investment any school can ever make.”

Janko Stergar, teacher


Most administrators know how to manage and control budgets, materials, supplies, buildings and people, but few are really skilled at releasing energy, revitalizing, and changing a staff into a highly effective organization.


BASE Tools for Administrators  includes the latest thinking regarding the five elements of self-esteem  and further elaborates on the critical role the administrator can play in staff effectiveness and school change as few administrators have received training in perhaps the most critical aspect of leadership - that is, how to assess and address the health of the organization itself.


The program guide is designed to provide a process for helping to create real systemic change and more effective schools. It also addresses the issue of the administrator's self-esteem.


Robert Reasoner, School Superintendent and BASE Author


“Having served as a school principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent for thirty-five years, I was able to see the influence an administrator can have on students, staff members, and the community. The greatest revelation stemming from those thirty-five years, however, was the realization that as an administrator using the principles of the Building Self-esteem program, I could encourage students and adults to function at significantly higher levels.


I saw tired, discouraged, worn-out veteran teachers become excited, enthusiastic, and creative after they were exposed to the program; I observed average students develop into outstanding college and community leaders; I witnessed entire schools change from being mediocre or below average to being nationally recognized model schools.


The greatest satisfaction of my career has come from seeing the program used in so many different schools and communities where it has stimulated, revitalized, and actualized individuals. I know that it works!”




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