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Key Elements | Identity

Sense of Identity


A sense of Identity is used to connote the sense of personal awareness or self-perception individuals have about themselves. It is sometimes referred to as self-concept or self-image and is seen as an element of self-esteem. Identity or self-concept might be described as the picture one holds of oneself; self-esteem is the feeling one has about that picture.


A strong sense of identity requires that people have a realistic view of themselves, including knowledge of strengths, shortcomings, and how they appear to others. It also involves feeling capable of being loved and entitled to happiness, sometimes defined as the sense of personal worth or self-respect.


For children the sense of identity is important because they behave in ways that are consistent with how they see themselves. Those who have positive feelings about themselves tend to relate to others in positive ways.


Characteristics of children with a strong sense of Identity:

  • compassion and caring for others
  • empathy
  • self-acceptance
  • self-control
  • consideration for others
  • respect and tolerance for others
  • ability to express emotions
  • emotional stability
  • ability to love others
  • personal worth and pride



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