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Key Elements | Belonging

Sense of Belonging


Feelings of belonging are important because people need to feel a part of something larger than themselves—to feel accepted as a member of a family, a church, a team, or a culture in which they have feelings of pride. Many young people join gangs to attain this sense of connectedness or belonging because they have been unable to acquire such feelings at home or at school.


In order for children to feel good about themselves they need to feel accepted by others. Feelings of isolation can be terribly destructive to a child’s self-esteem. Children who have experienced separation or divorce in the family or who have frequently changed schools have a great need to experience a sense of belonging.


Characteristics of children with feelings of belonging:

  • get along well with others
  • good listening skills
  • resist peer pressure
  • enjoy sharing with others
  • good team member
  • demonstrate leadership skills
  • feel valued by others
  • good social skills
  • many friends
  • contribute to welfare of others



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