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Implementation & Results


At the Self-Esteem Institute we trained over 1.500 mentors (educators, teachers, and councellors) during the years 1999 and 2016 to implement the program in over 400 elementary and secondary schools, with students, teachers and parents.


The program produced impressive results in increasing personal responsibility and motivation for learning, improving interpersonal skills, decreasing antisocial behavior and violence in schools.


Mentors reports show improvements in following areas:


75improved interpersonal relationship among peers
67increased willingness for cooperation among students
56increased motivation
54less discipline and social problems
90of teachers believe that the program should be included in every school


Today the program is used with over 20.000 children and adolescents. The responses have been very encouraging and prove that with the right approach and programs it is possible to reduce undesirable behavior among young people and to give them what they really need to be well prepared for life. The influence of the program is long lasting and of great importance for the whole society.


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