What does your child need

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The behaviors listed below can be used to indicate which social or emotional need the child probably lacks. If there is a specific behavior for your child, mark it by clicking in the empty circle that is before each item:

Exhibits numerous fears
Bites nails or has other nervous symptoms
Displays temper tantrums
Challenges authority
Ignores directions
Is disrespectful or defiant
Fails to assume personal responsibility
Is overanxious to please
Complains about others
Finds it difficult to accept reality
Is hypersensitive
Needs to be at the center of attention
Is painfully shy
Brags, boasts or shows off frequently
Isolates self from others
Has few friends
Teases or picks on others
Tries to get attention from peers
Lacks social skills
Frequently in conflict with peers
Lacks empathy for others
Demonstrates little or no effort
Has to be coaxed to do homework
Doesn’t care about work quality
Complains about being bored
Is easily discouraged
Asks, "Why do I have to do this?"
Lacks focus or personal goals
Is dependent upon adults for direction
Believes success is just luck
Gives up easily
Is discouraged about progress
Seldom sees consequences for actions
Can't see alternatives
Makes poor decisions