We all want our children to grow into healthy, happy and productive adults. We want them to be competent, responsible, motivated, resilient, self-reliant, successful… and able to cope with the challenges of life. The key question is, how to achieve this? 

Your path to success is our tested BASE model, with proven results.


The BASE program will help you Diagnose & Identify your child’s specific needs and propose Activities, Suggestions & Tools to effectively address them.


Why do I need BASE?

Test your children - Quick and Easy Analysis

How does BASE work?

Get base - Excercises, Advice, Directions, Tools

»Government Drugs Agency supports this program. We believe that we need programs like this not just to prevent drug abuse but primarily to follow the growth and development of our youth. It is vital that we give young people as many tools as possible to achieve more satisfaction and success in the next millennium. «

Milan Krek, Ph.D., Director of the National Drug Agency


»In my opinion, this is one of the best programs of the type (many of those have been accumulated recently). Its main purpose is to strengthen personal resilience and self-worth, thus preventing unwanted behaviors among adolescents.”

Barica Marentič Požarnik, Ph.D., University Professor


“I support and recommend the BASE program without reservations. I believe that it will help our children and adolescents in many ways and thus significantly improve the atmosphere in our schools.”

Gorazd Mrevlje, M.D., Psychiatrist


“The topics of this program should be part of the regular elementary education curriculum. All children should benefit from these topics – in the form of preventive actions and solutions of educational issues in the classroom (relations, motivation, self-esteem, emotional and behavioural problems).”

Helena Ocvirk, Elementary School Teacher


“The BASE program could be a solution for many teachers, schools and students, calling for our help and understanding. Everything else that makes us go to school would then also improve - from students’ motivation, creativity and success to the health and wellbeing of the whole society.”

Julija Pelc, Elementary School Teacher


»Improvement is evident on all levels and areas. Behavior problems are being solved, co-operation among peers is better, students’ relations to the teachers improved. All this can definitely have a positive effect on school achievements and success. «

Ksenja Kos, Elementary School Teacher


“The BASE program should be used by anyone who works with young people. The activity worksheets fill a great gap in working with students. I never came across such a systematic and useful material that helps forming students’ values and supports character development.”

Neva Osterman, Elementary School Teacher


“I believe that the BASE program is the best investment any school can ever make.”

Janko Stergar, Elementary School Teacher


"Self-esteem is the best prevention I know of and it might be our only hope for a better world."

Robert Reasoner


What will you gain?
  • benefits for students
  • benefits for staff
  • benefits for parents
How will you achieve this?
  • assessment & diagnostic
  • workshop materials
  • education & support

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